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Upcoming Events

  • ​Oct 28: VCU 101 Class

    • This is a 4-lesson class done on a Saturday morning beginning at 8:00AM and ending at noon. Breakfast is served and breaks are offered between each class. The subjects that are taught are Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism, and Stewardship. This is an open class that allows questions and discussion. It gives an opportunity for those who are looking for a church home to meet the pastor and decide if VCU is a good fit for them and their families.

  • Oct 29: Baptism

    • ​We prefer that a person attends a VCU 101 class prior to baptism in order to fully understand the meaning and purpose of baptism in the life of a follower of Christ. We understand that this is not always possible so we do make exceptions wherein the pastor will meet privately with the individual so that the candidate is fully aware of why they are being baptized.

  • Nov 1: Haiti Wreath Raffle Begins

  • Nov 11: MTC Women's Health Class at VCU​

    • Restoring Hormonal Balance-Learn how to prevent, repair and recover from common cold, lue and other illnesses

  • Nov 11: VCU Women's Craft Night

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