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New Hope International Missions

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in America


Greetings from Haiti in Jesus’ name our Lord and Provider.

We are pastors of churches and leaders of schools with the New Hope Missions International family of Christ.  We teach and preach to the people and the children the Good News of the Bible.

Thank you for your prayers, your loving friendship, and your support for the pastors, church leaders, child sponsorship and school teachers, feeding programs, the ministry of God’s love to the elderly and orphans and handicapped, members of small businesses, sewing class, and others.  Your kindness to many we see.  We pray the Lord will continue to reveal His indescribable love to you.  The Bible says we are one in the Spirit and in the Lord, and they know we are Christians by our love.

We pray God to bless you because the Bible says He loves the one who gives with enjoyment.  That Jesus in His infinite love make on you His rich blessings to shine.

“Mesi anpil pou tout bagay ou fe pou nou an Ayiti.  Bondye beni ou anpil.”



“Thanks a lot for everything you have done for us in Haiti.  God bless you very much.”In Christ.

For additional informational visit:

Haiti Pastors 

Pastor Guitto Etienne
(Bas Aviation Church and School)

Pastor Saint Louis
(Milot Church and School)

Pastor Duckson Joseph
(Biley Church and School)

Pastor Jeremy Baptiste
(Limonade Church and School)

Pastor Darius Jean Baptiste
(Barriere Battant Church)

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